Thursday, February 25, 2016

mySlim with Yerba Mate- Detox and Fatburn of Choice

Hello po!
Summer time is upon us and I admit, pictures of me wearing two-piece ain't happening anytime soon!
It's been months, heck, years, from my first Balik-Alindog New Year's Resolution but I haven't shed a pound!

There is this product, called mySlim, modeled by FHM's sexiest Jennylyn Mercado, that I have been seeing in Billboards across EDSA. Is this another one of those dietary supplements (in varieties such as tablets, capsules, or the teas, drinks and energy bars) that promise to yield the best and safest results?

my slim yerba , jennylyn mercado

The difference...
mySlim is the FIRST slimming and detox drink clinically proven to promote safe weight loss for its special YERBA MATE formulation. mySlim is also safe, being FDA approved.

myslim yerba mate drink

About Yerba Mate:
Mr. Wiki says "Yerba mate is a species of the holly family, with the botanical name Ilex paraguariensis A. St.-Hil. named by the French botanist Auguste François César Prouvençal de Saint-Hilaire."

First discovered in Brazil, Yerba Mate was used then as tea. Over the centuries, clinical studies and research proved that it is also an effective weight loss component. It reduces and burns unwanted fat without shedding lean muscle mass!

myslim yerba mate dietary supplement

In addition to Yerba Mate, mySlim is also packed with:
Palatinose- promotes energy for longer periods of time.
Carnipure- reduces the sensation of hunger therefore reducing one’s food intake.

mySlim chose as Brand Ambasssador multi-awarded actress, singer and songwriter Jennylyn Mercado.  They believe she is the perfect image of mySlim’s brand philosophy- strength and value for one’s constant improvement.

myslim yerba mate jennylyn mercado

Vida Nutriscience Incorporated developed mySLim. They are among the leading health and wellness companies in the Philippine market, and the country’s go-to provider of safe, novel and ethical health and wellness products.

This 2016, I want to have the ideal figure by going on a proper diet, exercising and taking mySlim. Being fit and healthy, looking your best, brings empowerment and confidence to take on and achieve your dreams!

Yerba Mate, mySlim is also packed with: Palatinose, Carnipure,

mySlim comes in 2 forms- capsule dietary supplement and strawberry flavored drink, and is available in leading drugstores and supermarkets.

To know more about mySlim, visit,

Thanks for reading this feature on mySlim!

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