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Erase Plantcenta Soap Review

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Now if you are looking for a whitening soap that works, here is one you should try: Erase Plantcenta 3-in-1 magic soap (whitening, anti-ageing, moisturizing).

I have used it on my face a few times. It feels gentle, did not sting. Skin immediately looked brighter! I prefer to use it as a body soap though and even if I currently don't use whitening body lotions (not because I am too lazy but because I am too busy and I am always rushing), it maintained whiter and moisturized skin.

Erase Plantcenta 3-in-1 magic soap review

After opening the carton, there is another plastic covering the bar.

Made in the Philippines by UK Derm Pharma.
Price: Php 103 per 135 g.
Where to buy: Leading drug stores, department stores and supermarkets.
Fragrance: None detected, just a subtle clean scent.
Attributes: White bar with no etching of the name, very bubbly.
Care to keep it in a dry soap dish and it will not melt quickly.

Ingredients: Sodium salt of distilled palm, palm kernel, water, butylene glycol, Pueraria lobata root extract, Chlorella vulgaris extract, Aloe  barbadensis leaf extract, sodium lactate, Butyrospermum parkii and fragrance. ( I don't know why the shea butter or Vitellaria paradoxa is not in the list as you can see below.)

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I kid you not! I have been very exposed to the noon day sun this summer and this promo guy handing raffle stubs called me as "Ma'am Snow White"! So I can tell you that Erase Plantcenta  soap is effective!

Thanks for reading. Have you tried Erase Plantcenta 3-in-1 magic soap? I'd love to hear your experience below. :)

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