Friday, May 20, 2016

Doggone Crazy at Doggie Fun Fair 2016!

Hello po! Attending the Doggie Fun Fair Year 3 is like being in a doggie heaven or doggie paradise!!!
Canines of different breeds, shapes, and sizes with their fur-rents walking to and from the venue. How super nice! I want to pet them all!

dff schedule of activities
Pisceanrat is a media partner of DFF 2016

Our family has more than a dozen dogs (imported breeds and Aspins) and much more cats. They are very loving, loyal and nice stress relievers!

I have been first a cat lover. Since my childhood days, I'd pick up tiny stray kittens and carry them home. As I got older, I have also adopted some abandoned puppies and taken part in rescue of dogs. I maintain my belief that animals are sentient beings, with intelligence, feelings and souls.

Chance to win goodies! Some games were FREE to play while some games have participation/joining fee.
Doggie Fun Fair 3 last May 15 in Greenfield Central Park, Philippines

Sometimes, I would cook real food or bring catfood/ dogfood and give them to strays or to malnourished pets of impoverished owners. If only I were rich, no doubt I would build an animal sanctuary!

Let's take a look at the day's events here in DFF 3:

There were talks and raffles.

dff, max tiu,

I saw other Filipina animal bloggers here, but sayang I have left already when some of my friends in animal rescue came!

Long line, patok na patok ang FREE dry grooming, vaccination, vet consultation.

doggie fun fair freebies

Furbabies in strollers!

doggie fun fair activities

Cute Shih Tzus.

shih tzu

Dog groups booths, food and animal supplies selling area.

doggie fun fair

CARA and adopt a Laguna pitbull booth.

CARA and adopt a Laguna pitbull booth.

Chance to win goodies! Some games were FREE to play while some games have participation/ joining fee.

prada chihuahua, monge, special dog,
Prada the Chihuahua is not a prize, hehehe! She was sleeping but awoke when I took her picture!

My fave part is picture taking with the doggies:

animal blogger philippines, siberian husky,
The noble Siberian Husky- they stay in an air-conditioned place, and rarely subjected to heat like this day. It is pretty expensive to raise them because of their special needs!

pet blogger philippines, mini pinscher,
Sweet Miniature Pinscher Chloe! She is a celebrity dog and has been featured in news interviews, Rated K, Motorcycle Diaries, among others.

My take home:

Thank you Fur Paws for these Special Dog dogfood freebies, and Nutriscience for the stain remover sample!

Til next time! Thanks for reading my Doggie Fun Fair 2016 experience!

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