Monday, June 27, 2016

EPSA DIY color Review

Hello po!
Here is a review of Epsa Color Bleaching in Blue.

1 25g sachet plus a bottle of developer (repacked) is priced at Php 75, bought in a neighborhood sari sari store.

review of Epsa Color Bleaching in Blue.

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I am guessing that Epsa is made in China.

We bought one pack. But we soon discovered that it wasn't enough. I asked hubby to get me a second one. Lo and behold it still can't cover the entirety of my hair. So for thick shoulder length hair one needs 4-5 packs.

I like that it has no strong chemical smell. Kinda smells like ube I think.

DIY Coloring your hair is pretty easy and cheap.
1. Wear some old clothes you wouldn't mind being stained.
2. Wear gloves and a cape (to be honest, didn't use both, just moved very carefully).
3. Mix the powder and the cream developer in a PLASTIC bowl.
4. Using hair color brush, apply to hair, section by section.
5. Let it sit for 30 minutes or longer as needed.
6. Rinse off.
7. Enjoy your new look!

I felt some gritty granules while I was rinsing it off. Also my hands was discolored blue. Good thing that the stain washed off by the end of my bath. I waited 2 days before I washed my hair again.

Few days after, my hair was leaving blue marks on the towels and there was blue on the shower floor every time I would wash my hair.

See below, it only colored the bleached hair in the ends, the virgin strands at the top and middle did not turn blue. Best to bleach the hair first, otherwise the color would hardly show up!

Shot in natural light (sunlight)

blue hair, hair colorant,

Shot with Camera flash

epsa blue

I wash my hair every other day to maintain the color. I cannot go for many days without washing my manes because of the extreme pollution here.

After a month, faded hair color...

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Color was changing- hues of violet, green, gray...
I was happy that many complimented  on how beautiful my hair looked.

Thanks for reading my review on Epsa hair color!


  1. may i ask when you bought it, it doesn't have bleach with it? cause i found some with bleach and one sachet only for 70 pesos

    1. Hi +Shian'Diy! No it does not come with a bleach. I had my hair bleached in the salon a few months prior. What it included was a DEVELOPER cream that you mix with the powder. When I went to a bazaar, a booth sold sachets of powder, it was only about 20 pesos. Then the developer cream was sold separately per gallon then.


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