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Get Whipped- Sweet and Fun Sugar Wax and Scrub

Hello po! Until last year, I used to shave my pits because I thought it was economical (read: cheapest way to get rid of unwanted hair). But ever since I tried waxing, there was no turning back. I prefer waxing because hair re-appears finer and takes longer before regrowth than with shaving!

I opt to go to salons to get waxing done professionally instead of by myself since I think it's messy and I am squeamish with regards to discomfort.

I was used to the 2 kinds- the warm wax (aka hot wax) wherein they apply it with a spatula, let it stiff a bit then pull it off, and the room temperature wax (aka cold wax) that utilizes a cloth strip wherein the hair will stick to the piece of cloth. I was even able to try threading, though I feel that threading is more painful than waxing.

Whipped Sugar Wax & Body Scrub Salon

Recently, beauty and lifestyle bloggers were invited to experience Whipped Sugar Wax & Body Scrub Salon. Of course, I am looking forward to this since this will be my first time to undergo sugaring. I am familiar with sugaring and even watched home made ones on Youtube but to try this concept is new for me.

Whipped has branches in: 3rd Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces, 2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing, Alabang Town Center and 2nd Floor, Eight Forbes Town Center, BGC.
The facade of Whipped BGC branch. This branch that I visited is turning 1 year soon.

The place- with its pastel interiors- is so cutesy. Upon entering, I immediately noticed the nice fragrance wafting around the room and the pop music playing made me at ease.

whipped salon review

The staff is also courteous. The owner, Ms. Bing Fabi, must have had them trained well.

Whipped BGC branch has 4 rooms. This is the room where our sugaring session was held:

whipped sugaring salon philippines

Sterilizer for hygiene and client's peace of mind.

sugar waxing and scrubbing salon philippines, sterilizer,

Sugar wax looks like this and is room temperature so no risk of scalding:

how to make sugar wax
Whipped uses Organic wax- sugar and lemon (or calamansi)

I tried sugar waxing for these 3 face and body parts- eyebrows, underarms and full legs.

sugaring salon philippines,
The ball of sugar wax is economical- even after it removed some hair on a certain area of the eyebrows, it can be used again for another spot in the eyebrows. But of course, new batch of wax per client and per part!

Eyebrows Sugar Waxing-

Sugar Technician wiped the eyebrows, then proceeded to sugar wax. The remaining hair that cannot be removed was tweezed, and it was also cut with a scissors for shaping.

Groomed eyebrows that look tidy and in style!

sugar waxing eyebrows
The redness subsided after a few minutes

Underarms Sugar Waxing-
Aww I am embarrassed to show a pic of the before- underarm hair was grown to 3 weeks prior so it looks eeww,,, so this is just the after.

Wiped first, then sugar waxing, pluck the remaining hair, apply cream (for finer hair regrowth and to lessen redness).

Yes my underarms got a little sore (mahapdi) after the session- maybe it got wet or sweaty because of walking- that I skipped applying deodorant the following morning. But guess what, my underarms didn't stink the next day! I guess it's because the dead skin cells and hair were removed, and so was the odor causing bacteria!

I mentioned painful because it is but normal- of course, what can we expect, hair is ripped from the roots!
I am amazed that it took about 5+ days before I noticed any regrowth of very few and tiny hair! I am satisfied because out of all my waxing experience I think this took the longest before hair regrew, so my armpits looked very clean and I can wear sleeveless!

sugar waxing underarms
Ang puti no! No filter or edit 

Full Legs Sugar Waxing-

Wiped then entire legs was sugar waxed- from base of legs til the topmost near the singit (groin). The front (while lying on my back) and the back (requested to change position and lie down on my stomach).

To begin with, I am fortunate that my leg hair wasn't that coarse- I have seen some women's leg hair that are very dark and curly like a man's. (If you have those and you're reading this, a sisterly advice is to have them waxed ASAP because it doesn't look pretty; but it is still your decision and I respect that). I am glad that after this session, my legs are left silky smooth and I can flaunt them in my skirts! Even after more than a week has passed, yet they look virtually hairless.

sugar waxing full leg
I had some fine leg hair but they are not very obvious

The price list for sugar waxing and scrubbing in Whipped Salon is as follows

whipped wax scrub price list

Whipped has branches in:
3rd Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces, 2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing, Alabang Town Center and
2nd Floor, Eight Forbes Town Center, BGC.

Check out: or call 834-6558 for appointments.

Guys, if you are still shaving, it's time for you to change your unwanted hair removal habit for the better now! Visit Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon for a new hair removal experience- less painful, sweet and fun! :)

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