Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Charis Welcome Box

Hello po!

I am still amazed how someone like me, silly ol' lil' me, had gotten the good tidings of landing Korean items. If by chance you have read my past posts (if not, you can search for the keyword Korea), you'd know I had gotten a few parcels all the way from the famous land of K-Pop, K-Beauty, K-Drama, K-Food (just gotta include my fave yummy glazed chicken and kimchi)!

Without further ado, here are the contents of my mysterious black Charis box! Unboxing video HERE

charis unboxing, hicharis.net,
As the box is shipped from South Korea, the deliveryman charged Php 112 as customs tax.

Dr. Flora Floral Lotion White-
Of the package, this is the first one I have tried, and so far I am loving it!

Dr. Flora Floral Lotion White
Organic nerolli flower extract is known for renewing and balancing the skin, brightening the complexion and refining the skin texture.

I have been using it day and night. I feel like it has improved the softness, luminosity and clarity of my skin.

dr. flora white nerolli review

I cannot quite put a finger to what kind of scent it possesses, but it smells like food- I am imagining yummy soup! This is not surprising as Dr. Flora describes their ingredient thus- "We only use top quality, organic floral water that is even safe to eat."

I used this product immediately, as soon as I read the description that the expiration is after 6 months (8 months if kept refrigerated).

According to the website-
"...I wanted my family to be free from harmful chemical substances. Soon, I wanted to share the resulting product, “3month”, to other families, too. Even now, I create fresh and reliable cosmetic products whilst thinking of every customer as a part of my family..."

dr. flora, charis,
L: A pump of Dr. Flora. R: After massaging unto skin. Non-greasy and absorbs quickly.

The fast best before date is due to the fact that it is organic!
Dr. Flora products do not contain any artificial coloring nor fragrance.
They do not use any harmful or hazardous chemical substances to make cosmetic products with no skin irritation.

INSbyN Deep Aqua System Mask BX

INSbyN Deep Aqua System Mask BX

Bio-Celtox Upgrade. Moisturizing, hydrating, brightening, lifting, pore care, calming.

charis, insbyn,

Klavuu sachet samples

klavuu Pure Pearlsation Revitalizing Facial Cleansing Form, White Pearlsation Special Divine Pearl Serum, White Pearlsation Enriched Divine Pearl Cream.

Pure Pearlsation Revitalizing Facial Cleansing Form, White Pearlsation Special Divine Pearl Serum, White Pearlsation Enriched Divine Pearl Cream.

charis, klavuu,

Missha The Style 3D Mascara (I also have the 4D mascara, I think the difference lies in the shape of the top of the wand).

Daiso Blending Puff-
This is the only one manufactured in China, all the others that arrived are Korean-made.

daiso blending puff

Unboxings are always a delightful surprise!
Please check out www.hicharis.net/pisceanrat
Thanks for reading!

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