Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tips to be a Selfie Expert

Hi guys!!!
The term "selfie" didn't even exist back then for us old-timers, but recently, it was selected by the Oxford Dictionary as 2013 Word of the Year!

Some folks may frown at millennials taking numerous selfies as being vain and narcissistic, but new research have shown that a self-portrait taken by yourself and posted in social media can actually help boost confidence levels and are empowering!

Now, with tons of selfies being posted every minute, how do you get noticed and rise above being BASIC?

Here are 7 tips on how to be a SELFIE EXPERT!

1. Know your best angle. Research suggests that the left side of the face is more attractive.

selfie expert
Ariana Grande is deemed to favor her left side

2. To avoid looking fat with double chin, pull forward your face and slightly tilt it downwards.

nuffnang oppo
Just like I am doing in this shot. Effort, bes.

3. Choose to take a picture in a place with a nice background and in bright, natural lighting.

4. Keep up with the latest trends and fashions- like filters- it's all the rage now!

blogger philippines
The closest I can be of my dream being Catwoman. Meow.

5. Be fun and wacky! It will get you noticed- but aim to be in a positive way.

6. Be aware of your facial expressions and body language. They say the best accessory is a smile. Be sincere and authentic in your smiles- nothing is worse that a contemptuous, fake smirk.

7. Choose a fantastic quality camera phone that takes clear, detailed pictures, and is also equipped with cutting edge technology and the latest tools to make you a selfie expert!

Master the art of selfies and you will soon find it is so hard to choose a favorite among your pictures!
Good luck, loves!

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