Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sun Cellular Wi-Fi Review

Hello po!
Here is a review of Sun Broadband. We have this for about a year. I do not use it often, only when I go out of the house. And I don't use this much for watching videos nor uploading/ downloading, just more on browsing, checking FB or E-mails.

Price: One time payment of Php 450 for the modem, plus subscription fee of Php 450 monthly.
We also have Sun Cellular Postpaid simcard subscriptions (principal and supplementary). Bundle n i2 at naka-lock in period...

Made in China by ZTE

sun broadband review

More affordable compared to other service providers.

Inconsistent. At times with signal, sometimes none. At times can connect, sometimes cannot. At times moderate speed, sometimes super slow then downright hangs.
Slow. Our PLDT Wi-Fi (with router) at home is way better than this.
Unreliable. Internet gets cut even when it is not yet due date.
This has caused me aggression (nakaka-high blood) and frustration!

Well, thats about it! My honest opinion as a paying client! I don't know how it fares with sponsored tech bloggers!

Did I mention we are just located in the city (Caloocan) and not in a far-flung barrio, yet I am encountering inconvenience with this Wi-Fi and also Sun sim. I do not know how many important texts or calls I missed because of its weak and fluctuating signal (bigla na lang nag-roroaming minsan).

Will I extend my subscription to Sun Internet Broadband, and do I recommend it to others?
No, and absolutely not unless I want them hassled.

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