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Whipped Salon: Caramel Scrubbin' & Waxing Review!

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I have been to different waxing salons and spas. With regards to the look and feel, there are some salons that seem sterile or clinical, while others exude being plain or simple with just a little touch of decoration here and there.

While there is nothing really wrong with that, every once in a while, when I go to salons that has a girly, yummy and fun vibe, I am so stunned! It makes me appreciate and enjoy the stay all the more.

Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon

Now when you want this young and pretty style, visit Whipped Salon! I got the sugaring and caramel scrubbin' treatment and let me tell you, it is just heavenly!

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Whipped Fairview Terraces has opened to the public last November 2015. They moved here in the mall from another area in Fairview.

whipped salon design

Cupcakes, mmm.... Sweet and yummy to the eyes of this beauty blogger...

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There are 3 rooms plus 1 shower room.

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I availed caramel scrubbing and waxing and this is the room where the magic happened-

whipped salon room

Caramel Scrubbin' Half Leg-
This involves scrubbing plus waxing.

The attendant sprayed water, applied tangerine scented creamy scrub, massaged sugar then finally wiped off with warm towel.

ingredients sugar waxing and scrub
Ingredients to the au naturel way to getting smoother and hair-free skin

I had experienced body scrub in another spa in Caloocan, but the girl applied pressure so strongly that it got quite uncomfortable, bordering on pain. No such thing here in Whipped! With just the right pressure applied by the attendant, it just felt so good! Such a relaxing effect, like I am in a spa. I never thought I would enjoy it!

caramel scrubbing
De-stressing half leg scrubbin'

It is really recommended to scrub first before waxing so that the skin and hair will be softer and easier to remove, and for the ingrown hair to come out from under the skin and be gone too.

Sugar waxing-

sugaring salon philippines,

The hair in the pits were removed using natural sugaring and the remaining hair that were too short was tweezed off.

underarm waxing, underarm sugaring,
Hair-free, white and smooth underarms after caramel scrubbing and sugar waxing

This is relatively painless, hindi mahapdi, just the usual gulat after hair is ripped from the roots. Looking back, I noted that it took the longest time before hair re-appeared, more than 2 weeks!

The attendant advised me against wetting the area within 6 to 8 hours.
She also relayed that regrowth time may take around 3 to 4 weeks.

whipped salon branches

  • Free Wi-Fi and magazines to browse
  • Pipe in pop music
  • Organic ingredients in the wax/ scrub treatments
  • Hygienic, gloves/ gas mask are used and towels are clean
  • Service- Polite and courteous staff
  • Look- Sweet ambiance and colorful and cute decoration
  • Feel- Relaxing and pampering
Some informative pics on benefits and do's and dont's of scrubbing and sugar waxing were splashed on the wall.

Benefits of Sugar Scrubbing:

Benefits of Sugar Scrubbing:

Benefits of Sugar Waxing:

Benefits of Sugar Waxing:

Do's and Dont's of Sugar Scrubbing:

Do's and Dont's of Sugar Scrubbing

Do's and Dont's of Sugar Waxing:

Do's and Dont's of Sugar Waxing

There was a 10% discount during my visit, feel free to inquire for existing promos- 09172405330,, Whipped FB and Whipped IG

Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon Pricelist
Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon Pricelist- Please note that price of Scrubbin' services are inclusive of waxing

What are y'all waiting for? Come and experience a pleasant beautification at the fabulous Whipped Salon!
Whipped Philippines Branches- 3/F Ayala Fairview Terraces, Quezon City; 2/F Eight Forbes Town Center, BGC, Taguig; and opening soon in Avida Southpark.

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