Thursday, September 8, 2016

How To Dry Brushes Efficiently

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When I put on cosmetics, I usually just use the pads of my fingers! The reason is I find cleaning brushes a tedious chore! Argh! And then drying them up is another story.

This is what I recently discovered on how best to dry makeup brushes after cleaning them. It is so easy. You probably have all the tools in your house.

Hanger and rubber band.

Get the hanger. Place a rubber band in its horizontal rod in a C-shape. Insert the brush in the rubber band.
Hang in a place that is sunny or has lots of ventilation... Tada!

dry brushes with hanger and rubber band
Air dry completely so there is no moisture for bacteria to grow

This performs best with a small hair rubber band. It also works as well with the bigger ordinary school supply rubber bands but you have to twist it to make it tighter.

best way to dry makeup brush
Do it like this: Imagine my finger is the brush...

Alternatively, and what I have been doing before is, get a jar with cap, then put a tissue on top of it, then lay the brushes there.

makeup brush drying how to

Or just put it on top of a cabinet with the bristles on the edge. So the water in the brushes just drips away in the space. But a problem there is sometimes the brush rolls over and falls down the floor.

tips to dry brushes quickly

Other methods I observed-
I saw that some girls would lay them flat in a towel but I feel that it seems damp. And there is a risk that water will seep in the ferrule and damage the adhesive of the bristle to the brush.

Another one I saw in beauty blogs is putting them in a canister with a towel at the bottom to absorb the moisture, bristle (with brush guards used) side down. But I still don't like the idea that it doesn't seem to dry COMPLETELY.

Then there are the fancy makeup brush drying rack/ board/ tree wherein you insert the brushes vertically through its silicone holes. But these tools cost a small fortune.

How about you, how do you clean your makeup brushes? Any tips or techniques you want to share? Comment down below! Thanks for visiting!

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