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Top 7 Reasons dearberry Rocks!

The thing I absolutely love about Korean cosmetics is that these makeup contains beneficial, skin-caring ingredients! Now please allow me to introduce you to an exciting brand of makeup and skin care in the Philippine market- dearberry!

dearberry pop up store

dearberry brand essence is "affordable high quality cosmetics made with ingredients from nature."
It believes "healthy skin is most beautiful" and adheres to the basics "firstly keep skin healthy, then optimally solve target issues."

dearberry has natural ingredients, with berry complex, uses supercritical- the best extraction method- to get fullest benefits. With regards to business operation, they cut unnecessary cost to make price low.

dearberry concept of base materials:
dearberry concept of base materials:
all about dearberry berry complex

dearberry berry complex

Berries are the strongest in anti-oxidative activity- that means hello, younger skin!!!
berry complex
dearberry gigawhite in a glance...

dearberry gigawhite in a glance...
dearberry niacinamide explained...

dearberry niacinamide explained...

History and Backgound-
March 1956- JULIA Co Ltd., the parent company of Fine Bio, was founded by Jung Family just 3 years after the Korean war. Their dream was to make better cosmetic products in quality with affordable price for Korean people who had to start everything from nothing after the war
March 2002- FINE Bio was founded by JULIA Co Ltd
May 2012- FINE Bio launched dearberry brand in Korea

dearberry korean brand

dearberry is made in Korea by top tier factories like COSMAX (main and most important manufacturer of L'Oreal and other world famous brands) and WINNOVA (main and most important manufacturer of TonyMoly, The Face Shop and other Korean brands).

dearberry also has stores in New York, USA, Singapore and  soon- Philippines!

dearberry endorsers include Boyfriend, Ki Eun Se, Ko Won Hee and Jeon Ji Yeon.

dearberry boyfriend

Here is dearberry's recommended regimen to get the coveted Korean porcelain skin!

Here is dearberry recommended regimen to get the coveted Korean porcelain skin!

Here are the Top 7 reasons to choose dearberry!
  1. Affordable
  2. High quality
  3. Natural, skin-caring ingredients
  4. Cute and fun packaging
  5. Trustworthy brand
  6. Cutting-edge formulation
  7. Made just for you!
Get your dearberry kbeauty fix at their online store or buy from any of their accredited dealers!
For more info, please check out:

You may also visit Part 2 for dearberry Philippines launch HERE.
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