Saturday, October 15, 2016

23 Reasons You Need Blushing Beauty Facial Mist In Your Life

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There are people who are convinced that facial mists are an indispensable part of their beauty habit, while others think that these are a waste of money.

Now, let us find out why you need Blushing Beauty Facial mist in your regimen, and why it is better than the imported spring-water-from-exotic-sites facial mist in tin can.

Blushing Beauty facial mist review
  1. Skin care
  2. Brightening- contains Schnewhite mushroom extract
  3. Moisturizing/ Hydrating
  4. Rejuvenating
  5. Firming- Hyaluronic Acid and Bamboo water
  6. Aromatherapy
  7. De-stressing
  8. Anti-aging
  9. Anti-oxidant
  10. Cooling/ Refreshing
  11. Soothing- damaged, sensitive, prone to redness skin
  12. Dewy glow
  13. Daily care
  14. After exercise
  15. During travel
  16. Makeup application (to wet the sponge, etc.), to set or retouch makeup
  17. To complete makeup removal
  18. Traveling in airplane
  19. Air-conditioned office
  20. Summer or hot temperature
  21. Support local industry
  22. Formulated by award-winning chemist, Fred Reyes
  23. Better than others- the traditional facial mist temporarily cools but when the mineral water evaporates, it may leave skin drier than ever! But not Blushing Beauty facial mist, because it contains beneficial and nourishing ingredients!
Blushing Beauty facial mist Price- Php 450/ 50 ml

Blushing Beauty Facial Mists comes in these scents:

  • Chamomile: warm and fresh aroma for soothing after-feel
  • Lavender: sweet and floral aroma for calming
  • Green clover: refreshing aroma for reviving and revitalizing
  • Rose: immensely rich for boosting mood and uplifting senses
Blushing Beauty facial mist Ingredients:

Blushing Beauty facial mist price, ingredients,
The liquid is yellow but it does not show on skin or cause stain

Where to buy:
Blushing Beauty Facial Mist by My Sanctuary Wellness is available in the skin clinics of SkinStation, Dermax and Blushing Beauty.

Overall, I love this! The feature I love the most is the aromatherapy part. I am looking forward to that nice fragrance! Thanks for reading the review of Blushing Beauty Facial Mist! :)


  1. Can we buy online?

    1. hi! i was informed that blushing beauty facial mist is only available in their physical stores. if you are from the philippines, you may visit any dermax, skinstation or blushing beauty branch near you :)


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