Thursday, October 13, 2016

4 Way Mascara Battle

Hello po!
One says "hitting pan" when it comes to emptying a pressed powder product like foundation, eyeshadow, etc., but what do you say when you have emptied a tube of mascara?

Hmmm... I am not quite sure as well, maybe just say it as it is! The mascara tube is not really empty, the tint had just dried up or still working okay but past the 6 month from opening date (for eye health/safety and hygiene reasons, toss it out when that time comes)!

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Here are some final thoughts about the mascaras I have used over the past months before I say goodbye to them.

Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara

One of the BEST I have tried ever but it is pricey at Php 990. This is the first I have used of the four featured here and all I can remember is basta maganda siya.This is an Aussie brand but I think it is made in Taiwan. It came without a carton as it is part of the Glamourbox subscription box I bought. Highly recommended.

Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Water Resistant Volumising Mascara

Made in Ireleand and retails for about Php 525. I was expecting too much on this product like literally wild crazy thick lashes but it did not give that. Light on the lashes, decent length and thickness. I really like the color of the tube though!

(Please note that I did not have actual pictures of Eye of Horus and Max Factor on my lashes shown here; I cannot find the photos!!! It was lost amidst the ton of shots stored on my phone).

Essence All About Curl Curl+Volume Mascara

Made in Luxembourg. I bought it on sale for just Php 150 and it is ah-ma-zing! It has fibres and gives volume and length, but regarding the curl, I think it didn't really hold much of a curl since I wear eyeglasses. I think I smell flowers when I apply this hehe but when I put the wand near my nostrils nah, it ain't flowers- it is just my imagination- it has a slight chemical scent. The thing I did not like is that it is not sealed for the buyer's protection. When I opened it for the first time it already has some smudges near the opening suggesting that someone else may have tested the product while it is on display-eew!

Essence All About Curl Curl+Volume Mascara
Left- without, Right- wearing Essence

Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion

Made in the USA and priced around Php 595.
I think the wand is too big but hey it works just fine! I had it on storage for a few months before finally opening (hey I couldn't afford to open 4 mascaras all at the same time, mabilis kasi mag expire 6 months!) At first, it was dry, but I tried to revive it by soaking the tube in hot water for a few seconds and voila! It performed great after!

Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion
Left- without, Right- wearning Covergirl. The tips of my lashes seem curly because I had lash perming done.

As far as I can remember they ALL are water resistant, didn't clump or smudge! The difference is the peformance- how amplified they make the lashes.


EOH has a slightly hourglass shape and the applicator bristles seems rubberized
Essence seems more like a brush and curved like an arch
Max Factor is also shaped like an 8 and bristles seem like brushes
Covergirl tapers near the tip and the bristles seem rubberized too

Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara, Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Water Resistant Volumising Mascara,  Essence All About Curl Curl+Volume Mascara, covergirl lash blast fusion,

mascara review
Top to Bottom: EOH, Essence, Max Factor, Covergirl marks as I roll the wand at the back of my hand.

The winner is Eye of Horus and the close runner up is Essence!
I love mascaras. Long, voluptuous, curled lashes make one look like the heroine in a fairytale!
What about you, what's your favorite mascara? 

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