Thursday, October 20, 2016

5 FAIL Products I Regret Buying

Hello po!
Just as there is yin and yang, sun and moon, light and dark, hot and cold, I believe that in order to blog TRUTHFULLY (which is of supreme importance), one must write both the good and the bad!

This article has been on my drafts for a while, and I was deliberating whether to publish it or not as I do not wish to offend. In the end, I relented as I thought, hey, this is MY online diary and my purpose in writing is because I wanna share experience and info to readers!

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So here is a review of some products that I felt I have wasted hard-earned money on!
(Some items might be used for a while back, but it is only now I got to write about them.)

1. Etude House Skin Mal:Gem Soft Cotton

Etude House Skin Mal:Gem Soft Cotton review
Left is 1 sheet Cleene cotton round and Right is 1 sheet Etude House.

My blogger friends and I have have been discussing about beauty and the topic came to makeup remover pads, and one of them recommended Etude House's, saying it is good and affordable.

So I marched to Etude House and asked for cotton puffs.  This is what the SA gave me and she said they didn't have any other. Of course, since I already went all the way to their store and bothered asking the saleslady, I agreed to buy it even though I was wondering why the price is high.

Why I didn't like it:
Feels rough and itchy, and expensive at about Php 199, if I remember correctly. Landmark department store has square cotton puffs that are thicker and softer and are just around Php 30.

2. Revlon Highlighting Palette in Rose Glow

 Revlon Highlighting Palette in Rose Glow review

At first, I was sooo happy to find these on sale for Php 312.50. There were 3 shades on display I can choose from. This is made in China, btw.

After 2 days from using it for the first time, I found out that the powder had developed amag or mold! Yuck! I am wondering why it happened since the brush I used is dry and I try to clean brushes weekly.

Since then I've been trying to wipe the fungus away with cotton and alcohol and let it dry, but it just returns! I feel like this is a bad batch of Revlon. This is the first and only time it ever happened to any of my makeup.

(I' m not even going to include in this list the Revlon Photoready Sculpting Palette that I also didn't like- it's chalky yet messy on the brush and difficult to get a certain color without getting the other adjacent colors. Weird no basta hindi rin yun maganda. Pigmentation is also poor.)

Revlon Photoready Sculpting Palette  review

3. Essence Stay Natural Concealer

Essence Stay Natural Concealer

It features a brush on the end and I bought this for about Php 149. I know that their cosmetics are made in Europe so I was a bit disappointed that this one is manufactured in PRC (for the reason of substandard and fake products from there).

That aside, when I used this and went swimming, my partner cringed and said what happened to my face! Turns out this is not waterproof.

Also I used this for maybe 7 times and only on undereyes or blemishes and it is already used up. No product comes out no matter how many times I twist the bottom.

4. Eb Lip Pencil in Terracotta Red

Eb Lip Pencil in Terracotta Red review
The line at the bottom was applied after opening and just letting it glide but the color hardly shows. The two lines on top was applied after sharpening and applying force while drawing.

This price is cheap at Php 100. But from the first use, I find the formula very dry. It was dragging as I apply it on my lips. I sharpened it and it helped a bit with the glide. But still, I feel that this tugs and hurts my lips.

5. Nichido Minerals Precise Liner

Nichido Minerals Precise Liner review
The two lines at the bottom was applied without jiggling the bottle. The line at the top was swiped after shaking the tube.

This was  for sale at Php 75 and says Made in Germany on the label. The tester was good, but when I went home and used the new eyeliner, it was nothing short of terrible! This was the opposite of highly pigmented. It is like you can call the shade- clear grey. No wonder the SA was recommending their other eyeliner.

So that's it! These are 5 products I purchased and reviewed- Etude House Skin Mal:Gem Soft Cotton, Revlon Highlighting Palette in Rose Glow (+Revlon Photoready Sculpting Palette), Essence Stay Natural Concealer, Ever Bilena Lip Pencil in Terracotta Red and Nichido Minerals Precise Liner that I was really unhappy about. They do have a lot of fantastic products but I feel these ones are bad!!!


  1. Congratz Sis for this own domain name blog site 🎉
    Thanks for this honest reviews.This will guide me especially those girls na mahilig mag try and buy ng mga make up products. Di ako makaget over sa nag molds na highlighting pallete..Di ko pa naexperience despite mas affordable brands pa mga make up ko and nakatambak lang kz madalang ko lang naman magamit.
    Keep on discovering and sharing reviews and more followers to come! 👍

    1. Thanks for your greetings! Ako din eh. I was really bothered sa Revlon highlighter considering sa booth nila sa department store sa Mall ko pa yun talaga binili. Sayang ang pera! Ganda pa naman sana, baka old stock sya o bad batch, tapos made in China pa, e ibang products nila made in USA.

  2. I'm glad you share this. Eye-opener din kaya, na hindi lahat ng products ay maganda. ;)

    1. Hi! Yes talaga hindi lahat ng products na kine carry ng isang particular brand ay maganda. Kunwari si Brand A maganda mascara pero lipstick nila pangit- parang ganon... Natutunan ko yun sa workshop ng isang sikat at haligi na sa industriya na makeup artist.


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