Tuesday, October 11, 2016

B&Soap Black Block Set Review

Hello po! This is a review of a Korean soap- B&Soap Charcoal Cleansing Bar which I got curious about. There was another black soap I had read about which is Aprilskin, but this is what I decided to get.

B&Soap Charcoal Cleansing Bar
image taken from Althea Korea

Before this I had used anohter black soap a long time ago- the Pinoy brand Cyleina black pearl round soap which was whitening and cooling. I also saw some black charcoal soaps in a store (forgot if Daiso or Japan Home) which is a lot cheaper but I have not tried it. Now let us check this popular Korean soap!

B&Soap Black Block Set was bought at Althea Korea for Php 480. Soap bar only is Php 310 plus option to add pore brush Php 160 (made in China) and the bubble maker net (also made in China) Php 10.

b&soap pore brush, price, ingredients,
Brush is better than net! So I used this brush first, saving the bubble maker for later when the soap got smaller! When I used the net on my face, it felt rough and hurt my sensitive skin. I think the net is better for just the body.

The B&Soap Black Block Charcoal is described to be natural, removes wastes and cares deep into pores, is made by hand, and a top-seller. This was also reputed to remove makeup but for me, I find I still need to use a separate eye makeup remover.

b and soap charcoal soap review
Contains charcoal, rosemary, olive oil and phytoncide.

Some people prefer facial wash in tubes or bottles thinking it is more hygienic than soap bars which are exposed. But for me, both forms are okay.

  • Fragrance- refreshing green scent
  • Ecocert natural ingredients
  • Not tested on animals
  • Skin feels deeply clean- Sometimes I use it alone but more often use it with the brush
  • Brightening- Noticeably whiter skin after use especially when I lather it longer than a couple of minutes before rinsing
  • Blemish prevention- I was having pimples before using this, but when I tried this, new pimples stopped from coming. Before, extraction at facials take so long, but now the therapist said my skin is good!
  • Super soft bristles- It is like using a towel, the bristles are extremely soft. I tried using a toothbrush on my face before but its bristles were still rough and felt painful, but this one- no ouch!
  • Quality pore brush- Plastic body  is more sanitary than wood under conditions always exposed to moist, and the very fine bristles (0.045 mm x 450, 000 units) of artificial wool are densely packed
  • Mild- No tight stinging after feel!
  • Expensive for such a small bar (I think it is 100g)
  • Melts easily- Take extra good care to keep it dry!
  • The bristles, because numerous and closely compacted, take days to dry
  • Tedious to hang and then retrieve the brush in the window to get fresh air every day (to keep it clean, I refrain from keeping it in the humid bathroom where bacteria might multiply)
  • Arrived with no box- There was only outer sheet and inner plastic covering. It did not come in a box unlike what was advertised in the online shop. I did not use it right away since I had to finish another cleanser, so it was just sitting atop my drawer for a month. Over time, the wrapper seems to be moistening.
b&soap korea

Rub first directly on skin before using brush.
Take time in cleaning your skin; as advised, use for around 3 minutes before rinsing.
For economical, and for freshness reasons, cut in half!

B & Soap Black Block Set Review
It is not a perfect rectangle, one side is curved; the lather it produces is blackish

Would I recommend and buy again?
For sure coz it is good haha!
Thanks for reading my review of B&Soap Black Block! Di ba parang ang ganda niya, try nyo rin!

I have raved about this B&Soap black soap and upon my recommendation, my sister bought one for herself. Fortunately, her B and Soap came inside a box.

b and soap black soap

She has normal type, and smoother skin than mine. The first time she used it, see what happened:

b&soap charcoal soap review, allergy,

She broke out in hives! She got afraid to use it ever again! People have various skin chemistry and result to different kinds of reactions. Her skin is not compatible with B&S Charcoal soap hence, she got an allergic reaction!


  1. Hi sis, nice review! I've been eyeing to get this from Althea for a while now. This is very informative!
    Although, I think the net is not intended for the face, it is just used as a bubble maker. Keep blogging!

    1. Hi +Roxy thanks for your kind words! Yeah I also used Aprilskin and I prefer B&Soap as the former felt drying for my skin. I decided to use the bubble maker as a scrub for the body, makes the shower gel lather really well. :)


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