Monday, October 3, 2016

Fine Japan Etiquette Rose Review

Every summer seems to be getting hotter and hotter. As a result, I had been sweating profusely and the smell is admittedly not really fresh. Then I tried this Etiquette Rose supplement last March.

Respectful decorum, proper grooming and smelling fresh are signs of good etiquette, so maybe this is why this product is named thus.

Only 1cc of oil is taken from 2,500 Bulgarian Roses. FINE Etiquette Rose uses its precious oil. This product contains Fermented rice germ/soybean extract, EMN and 118 types of plant extract, which remove a source of smells.

Made in Japan by Fine Japan Co. Ltd.
Price of 1 pack (450mg x 42 capsules) is pretty expensive at Php 1,350 (or was it Php 1,220?)

fine etiquette rose review

Olive Oil, Fermented Rice Germ/Soybean Extract, ENM (Effective Microorganism Fermented Metabolic Extract Powder, Dextrin), Plant Extract, Emulsifier (Beeswax, Glycerine Fatty Acid Ester), Rose Flavor, Vitamin E, Peppermint Flavor, Capsule Materials (Gelatin, Glycerine)

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How I take Etiquette Rose:
Twice a day, AM and PM, swallow it with room temperature water. The first time, I tried to chew it but after biting, the capsule seemed so hard that I got afraid that my teeth will shatter. Then another time I tried to chew it again and the capsule seemed soft that I just chewed it and let it melt. I am not sure why there was a difference with the hardness of capsules- maybe it has to do with the room temperature, like the aircon is on/off! The taste of the liquid that burst is minty.

Does Etiquette Rose work?
Before using this, I have to admit, because of the terribly hot weather, I was starting to stink even though I take a bath every day and use a deodorant. But after two weeks of using this, the bad odor diminished!
I finished a pack but there was no flower scent emanating from the pores of my skin (maybe there will if I take it long enough), but I am glad it worked for me!

Thanks for reading my review of Fine Etiquette Rose!

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