Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Time for you to start online shopping with ShopBack!

Hello po! The first time I found out about online shopping was about 9 years ago. It was during Multiply’s hey days, and I remember buying some beauty stuff. Now, buying thru the Internet is becoming the more popular way to purchase!

shopback philippines

Online Shopping 

You can shop online for various items- home, accessories, appliances, gadgets, health supplements, cosmetics, clothes, food, book hotels, and a lot more. E-commerce is booming since it now minimizes risks, offers guarantees, different payment options, and advanced security at sites so you can be sure your bank details are safe.

Online Shopping is ideal especially for busy people and it affords a lot of benefits:
It is convenient, you can browse a wide variety of products that displays complete details (product information / reviews) and pictures, freely look without salesperson guarding you, easily canvass or compare prices, shop 24/7, and saves time, effort and money vs going to the malls.

But with online shopping, your hard earned money is just going out, Huhuhu! Good thing, I have been invited to try out ShopBack.ph recently. It makes online shopping so much more rewarding!

Here is how ShopBack works:

Merchants reward ShopBack with a commission for referring you to shop on their site. ShopBack then splits this commission with you in the form of cashback. It means shopping gets cheaper for you! Love online shopping promos? Get the latest discount codes, vouchers and coupons with ShopBack!

Cashback is literally “get cash back”. A portion of your purchase returns to you when you buy via ShopBack from any of their 300+ merchants. It translates to extra, unlimited savings!

It’s so easy! Go to any store in ShopBack site, CLICK Activate cashback to get redirected to their store > SHOP as usual and make a purchase > EARN cash in your ShopBack account > PAYOUT Redeemable cashback directly to your bank account.


Lookie, our favourite stores are all aboard:

Love online shopping promos? Well, did you know, on top of enjoying cashback, you can double up on your savings by using promo codes and by shopping during a sale? All these info can be easily found on ShopBack. So this means even cheaper things like cosmetics or clothes when you combine cashback with a Sephora sale or from other stores like Zalora or Althea. Not limiting oneself to any categories, there are also eBay coupons for your purchases or even travel deals from online travel agencies like Expedia, or check out an extensive list of merchants.

For more details, please check out this vid: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs7oSfe2lTY_lB5N79V4iug/videos

Join ShopBack now, an exclusive Php 200 gift for you my fren, click BONUS HERE.

It’s about time you get back moolah every time you shop online. Shop smarter and save more with ShopBack now! Thanks for reading! :)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Head of the Family: Not Just a Provider but a Father- PR

Hello po! First of all, Happy Father's Day to all the loving, hardworking and responsible supermen in our lives. As the saying goes, any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad!

novuhair fathers day, #novuhairdads,

Imagine working in a world where time seems to just pass by and where almost everything changes instantly. Think of having to keep up with an environment where it costs a lot to stop or even slow down for a while. Sounds taxing, right? What more of prioritizing the welfare of everybody in the household on top of it all. 

But every head of the family doesn't mind about it. Fathers are said to be the pillars of our homes. They toil sun up to sun down to give our needs and desires.

Some of them go abroad with tears in their eyes because they will be physically separated from their families. However, there is a certain joy in their hearts knowing that they will be able to provide for their loved ones back home.

To honor these gallant paternal men and let them feel how extraordinary they are and important their sacrifices are for their families, Father’s Day has been a yearly universal event. As we mark again this special occasion on Sunday, June 18, 2017, our applause and recognition will never be enough to show them how grateful we are to have them in our lives.  

Our dads, together with our moms, take good care of us the moment we’re born. They are the ones who provide everything we need for our everyday lives. From infancy up to adulthood, they feed and clothe us. 

As we take our initial baby steps, our patriarchs guide and lead us in the right direction. When we stumble and fall, they assist us to rise and move on. In times of danger or any threat, they shield us from any harm.

All of these, they do out of unconditional love. Their selflessness, though, has its own toll. Working tirelessly could lead to high levels of stress constantly and problems not only mentally, but physically, too. So better watch out for the signs. 

Has tatay been constantly complaining about losing strands and strands of his hair everyday? Or maybe he has been searching for a way on how to get them to grow back?

According to the hair loss statistics conducted by Statistic Brain in the year 2016, 40 percent of men experience noticeable mane vanishing as early as age 35. And as per the American Hair Loss Association, there are a couple of different factors that cause excessive hair fall, one being extreme degree of stress.

Nutramedica Inc. introduced a revolutionary product that aims to address this problem: NOVUHAIR, nature’s answer to hair loss. Being the only topical scalp lotion in the country that is made from 19 natural herbs, essential oils and co-factor nutrients all working synergistically, it’s perfect for all the heads of the family out there, be they biological or not.

NOVUHAIR is proven effective and safe to help prevent and stop the progression of hair loss and, at the same time, help promote locks’ growth. Simply spray a liberal amount of NOVUHAIR topical scalp lotion onto the scalp and massage for 5-10 minutes. Voila, it penetrates deeply into the roots, which helps rejuvenate, nourish and maintain the natural moisture of the hair. 

Still have no idea on what to give him on his big day? Well, NOVUHAIR might not be the most expensive gift to impress him, but the most valuable present he could ever have. This nature’s answer to hair loss provides him the chance to be ahead already in preventing his “crowning glory” from receding in the near future. 

So, head on to all leading stores nationwide and get a dose of this breakthrough product. NOVUHAIR is also available in shampoo and conditioner formats to further complement the benefits of NOVUHAIR topical scalp lotion. NOVUHAIR is available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. You may also order NOVUHAIR online at www.lazada.com.ph. For inquiries, you may call 413-6570 or 0922-8830575, and visit www.novuhair.com.

Thanks for reading this PR for Novuhair! I believe it is a perfect Father's Day gift idea! It is your turn to care for the head of the head of your family! :)

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Cow and Chicken's Mom and Dad Bodies Revealed!

Hello po! As a kid growing up in the '90s, Cartoon Network's Cow and Chicken was among my favorite cartoons. Others were I Am Weasel (which was also a part of that), Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Simpsons, Looney Tunes, animes Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, etc. I am so thankful we had cable TV then. Now, I can rewatch the episodes thru the Internet.

Directed by David Feiss,  Cow and Chicken had been considered crazy, nuts, delirious, but that is what I love it for! Isn't it good when we can just laugh and be entertained at all the silliness, and not take everything seriously? Those were the days when most people were not overly sensitive or butthurt, and no need to be politically correct about everything.

Some folks say the innuendos are inappropriate for kids. It had a banned (Buffalo Gals) and censored episode (divot/dammit issue), plus during the photocopy episode, the waddle print looks like something else.

There are so many accidents that could have been fatal instantly, but our lovable characters survive with just some bruises and broken teeth that heal at the next frame, hahaha! 'Coz a cartoon's a cartoon! Almost all episodes were funny but I think the episode Free Inside! was especially hilarious. The episode I disliked was Stay Awake because Chicken deliberately hurt the three sleeping baby birds by cutting down their tree!

Now there were some speculations among the fandom about Cow and Chicken's parents. Their theories prove people can have wild imaginations! The bodies here were Cow's science project, but some people assume it was really what the parents look like.

Cow and Chicken's Mom and Dad Bodies Revealed!

There are cartoons that show only some character's legs, like the secretary in Powerpuff Girls (maybe to just add mystery, or for us to focus on the main character, or perhaps the animator got lazy to draw the face, LOL).

Now, to the question:
Does Cow and Chicken's Mom and Dad actually have upper bodies?

The answer is that Cow and Chicken's parents are really just half lower bodies! 

Check out these proofs. Look at the shadows:

Reclining episode
cow and chicken Inter-species Family characters: Grandmama and Grandpa look like normal people, Great Grandpa was a complete human but Great Grandma was a hen, Dad's brother is Professor Longhorn Steer, then their cousins include Boneless Chicken, Sow, Snail Boy and Black Sheep.
Left and Right are two different scenes, the right is the shadow of Dad passing.

Perpetual Energy episode

cow and chicken banned episode cartoon

Goin' My Way episode

best 90s cartoon cow and chicken

And the biggest reveal is in the Pilot, No Smoking!!!

Does Cow and Chicken parents half torso reveal

Plus, there's more! I Am Weasel Who Rubbed Out Cow and Chicken episode

cow and chicken episodes

Don't ask me how Mom and Dad with just legs were able to make Cow and Chicken, hahaha! Even Dad didn't care how, he just was proud.

Interspecies family characters: Grandmama and Grandpa look like normal people, Great Grandpa was a complete human but Great Grandma was a hen, Dad's brother is Professor Longhorn Steer, then their cousins include Boneless Chicken, Sow, Snail Boy and Black Sheep.

How about you, did you watch Cow and Chicken, and who's your favorite character? I always laugh at The Red Guy, Charlie Adler was awesome! Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Start Your Own Biz with Chemworld Fragrance Factory - Now In Glorietta 3

Hello po! Frens, last May 13, 2017, I attended the back-to-back Blessing and Grand Opening of Chemworld Fragrance Factory and SkinStation at the 3rd level, Digital Exchange, in Glorietta 3, Makati, Philippines.

May 13, I attended the back-to-back Blessing and Grand Opening of Chemworld Fragrance Factory and SkinStation at the 3rd level, Digital Exchange, in Glorietta 3, Makati, Philippines.
Chemworld Chairman/CEO Mr. Fred Reyes and family with Fr. Arman Tangi and Fr. Rany Geraldino.

Present were 2nd District of Pangasinan Congressman Leopoldo Bataoil, SkinStation ambassadors Camille Manalo, 2017 Bb. Pilipinas Finalist; Ana Sideco of PMAP (Professional Models Association of the Philippines); Juliane 'Aya' Fernandez, 2015 Ms. Teen Earth Philippines; Patricia Fernandez, 2008 Bb. Pilipinas International and her cuteypie baby girl; and Lindsay De Vera, GMA Network Talent/Actress, lifestyle and beauty bloggers and youtubers, Mall Management, Top management's friends.

2nd District of Pangasinan Congressman Leopoldo Bataoil, SkinStation ambassadors Camille Manalo, 2017 Bb. Pilipinas Finalist; Ana Sideco of PMAP (Professional Models Association of the Philippines); Juliane 'Aya' Fernandez, 2015 Ms. Teen Earth Philippines; Patricia Fernandez, 2008 Bb. Pilipinas International and her cuteypie baby girl; and Lindsay De Vera, GMA Network Talent/Actress, lifestyle and beauty bloggers and youtubers,

For more pics of the beauty queens, please visit my SkinStation Glorietta 3 coverage HERE
Hallway in the mall leading to SkinStation and Chemworld.

Chemworld Chairman/CEO Mr. Fred Reyes and family with Fr. Arman Tangi and Fr. Rany Geraldino.

There were 2 entrances I noticed:

Start Your Own Biz with Chemworld Fragrance Factory - Now In Glorietta 3

chemworld glorietta 3

Let's tour around Chemworld Fragrance Factory's Glorietta 3 branch.

chemworld fragrance factory branches

The place is fragrant, and very bright and lit, with nice touch of decor.

chemworld fragrance factory review

Welcoming and encouraging you to your own success story!

chemworld fragrance factory locations

Grand Opening commemorates the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.

Grand Opening commemorates the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima
Mama Mary watches the store

lifestyle bloggers philippines

Project Ylang-Ylang.
Check their FB page HERE  for more details , they are giving FREE Ylang Ylang The Rebirth watches.

Project Ylang-Ylang. Check their FB page HERE  for more details , they are giving FREE Ylang Ylang The Rebirth watches.

You are on your way to becoming a perfumer. Attend their Workshops.

perfume business philippines

Starter Kit options.

blogs in the philippines

Training Room.

where to start fragrance business philippines

Vials, bottles.

godiva skin station


my sanctuary wellness

New scent releases.
fragrance list of chemworld fragrance factory

Opening promos.

promos of chemworld fragrance factory

If I am not mistaken, Glorietta 3 is their 20th branch. Chemworld Fragrance Factory has outlets in Alabang, BGC, Binondo, Cubao, Fairview, North Edsa, Centris, Megamall, Childhaus, Caloocan, Angeles, Tarlac, Isabela, Angono, Trece Martires, Cavite,  Bacolod, Cebu, and Davao.

Food for the guests. Catered by no less than Lola's Best!

lola's best food

Thank you Chemworld!

chemworld fragrance factory products
Naturepel with Porex colored e-reeds, mouse design spray, commemorative perfume, glutathione soap and an Ylang-Ylang plant! I have been taking care of it! It has sprouted new leaves.

I have bought their Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser last Christmas. It was a perfect gift to a loved one and I truly can say CFF has good quality products that make abodes more inviting and homey. So to our business-minded friends, start your own biz with the Chemworld Fragrance Factory branch nearest you. Thanks for reading! :)

Make Brushing More Fun with Minions

Hello po! Frens, sometimes it is hard to make kids eat veggies, drink their medicine, or even go to school, haha! Another problem is getting them to the habit of brushing their teeth regularly. So how can you make brushing more fun for the family?

The solution is pretty simple. Make brushing a happy activity- make it fun and an enjoyable bonding time for the family. If they love a certain cartoon character, then go incorporate it!

Minions, since first being shown last 2010, have been well adored by kids (and adults) alike, and Colgate, the Number 1 toothpaste brand recommended by dental professionals,  have joined together to bring you - Colgate Minions oral care pack!

Make Brushing More Fun with Minions

Kids will totally love Colgate Minions- the toothbrush has a cool design, it looks like the kids are playing with a toy, while the Colgate Minions toothpaste comes in a yummy bubble fruit flavor with clinically proven cavity and enamel protection.

You can buy Colgate’s Minions oral care pack here:

Colgate Minions Kids 2-5 Years Old (Junior) Oral Care Pack:

Colgate Minions Kids 5-9 Years Old (Youth) Oral Care Pack:
colgate minions toothbrush toothpaste

We cannot wait to watch Despicable Me 3!

lifestyle blogger philippines, pisceanrat,

So remember the healthy habit- Squeeze Brush Rinse with Colgate Minions toothbrush and toothpaste. Thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

45 Amazing Benefits of Garlic!

Hello po! Frens, I chanced upon viral posts about what will happen if you eat garlic and honey on an empty stomach for 7 days. So I tried it, since a bulb of this vegetable is pretty cheap in our country- only Php 5 (depends if the supply is scarce, it can go up).

Now I am not aware if there was a positive transformation that happened after I did it, but it just feels really nice knowing that eating garlic and honey is doing my body good.

When I feel like it, I consume a clove a day. The taste is so strong that it feels like it burns my tongue and makes my eyes watery so I don't chew it for too long. I love to mix it with honey rather than eating it on its own.

benefits of garlic

Honey has its healing powers too! So when you combine the two, it's more powerful. Besides, the sweetness of honey somehow helps counter the pungent and spicy taste of garlic. I submerge the garlic in some honey and let it sit first for hours- sort of like pickling, haha! I keep them in the refrigerator.

Raw garlic is best. Cooking affects allicin (its organosulfur compound). Crushing activates a reaction making allicin more bioavailable. Try it on an empty stomach.

Garlic is low in calories, but high in nutrients. It has Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Calcium, Phosphorus, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Potassium,  Selenium and Fiber.

Garlic can be eaten, inserted, rubbed, or what have you. Here I have gathered the health benefits of GARLIC and what this miracle ingredient treats:
  1.  Anti-viral
  2. Anti-cancer
  3. High-blood pressure / Hypertension
  4. Heart health / Cardiovascular Disease
  5. Blood sugar
  6. Increases insulin production
  7. Cholesterol
  8. Inhibits leukemia
  9. Wound healing
  10. Prevent blood clots / Anticoagulant
  11. Arthritis
  12. Fights infection
  13. UTI
  14. Kidney infection
  15. Removes heavy metal from body
  16. Eye health
  17. Anti-oxidant
  18. Allergy
  19. Asthma
  20. Psoriasis
  21. Acne
  22. Yeast infection / Thrush 
  23. Vaginitis / Bacterial Vaginosis 
  24. Anti-fungal
  25. Anti-microbial / antibiotic
  26. Earache
  27. Diarrhea
  28. Athlete's foot
  29. Pain killer
  30. Immunity booster
  31. Nasal decongestion / Colds
  32. Cold Sore
  33. Strep throat
  34. Headache 
  35. Dizziness
  36. Flu
  37. Expels worm
  38. Parasites
  39. Insect bites
  40. Impotency
  41. Aphrodisiac
  42. Hair Loss
  43. Weight loss
  44. Belly fat
  45. Increase Absorption of Iron and Zinc
There you have it. This little herb that we are so used to in our dishes, turns out to be full of wonders! Mother Nature truly is amazing and supplied us with the healing power of garlic. Don't forget to eat garlic today! Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

SkinStation's 37th Branch in Glorietta 3 Dedicated to The 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima!

Hello po! Frens, last May 13, 2017, SkinStation and Chemworld had a back-to-back Grand Opening plus blessing and I have to say, of their launches that I have been blessed to attend, this was the most bongga so far! Popular vloggers and lifestyle/beauty bloggers were in full force, celebrity endorsers, also Top Management's friends, and there were fun activities in store for all!

SkinStation and Chemworld had a back-to-back Grand Opening plus blessing Glorietta 3
With the opening of their 37th branch, SkinStation proves to be highly successful and one of the fastest growing chain of skin clinics in the Philippines! 

First of all, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima was commemorated that day. It was also the 100th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima!

Store blessing of SkinStation's 37th branch was officiated by Fr. Arman Tangi and Fr. Rany Geraldino.

Ribbon cutting with the priests Fr. Arman and Fr. Rany, and SkinStation ambassadors Camille Manalo, 2017 Bb. Pilipinas Finalist; Ana Sideco of PMAP (Professional Models Association of the Philippines); Juliane 'Aya' Fernandez, 2015 Ms. Teen Earth Philippines; Patricia Fernandez, 2008 Bb. Pilipinas International and her cutie patootie baby girl; and Lindsay De Vera, GMA Network Talent/Actress.

SkinStation ambassadors Camille Manalo, 2017 Bb. Pilipinas Finalist; Ana Sideco of PMAP (professional Models Association of the Philippines); Juliane 'Aya' Fernandez, 2015 Ms. Teen Earth Philippines; Patricia Fernandez, 2008 Bb. Pilipinas International and her cutie patootie baby girl; and Lindsay De Vera, GMA Network Talent/Actress.

Chemworld Fragrance Factory is right beside SkinStation! They are at Level 3, Digital Exchange, Glorietta 3, Makati, Philippines.

skinstation, Fr. Arman Tangi, Fr. Rany Geraldino,

2nd District of Pangasinan Congressman Leopoldo N. Bataoil is also present.

SkinStation models with Philippines' beauty / lifestyle bloggers and youtubers. Yours truly, 4th from left, looking tiny, hehehe!

philippines beauty bloggers,
image source: SkinStation FB page

People excitedly picking the candies and coins for good luck!

SkinStation  Glorietta 3 Our Lady of Fatima

Superb yummilicious food by Lola's Best Home Cooked Meals is served to guests. Their crew are also very nice and friendly!

lola's best

Dermax and Blushing Beauty products on display.

Dermax and Blusing Beauty products

This business is blessed by Mama Mary!

skinstation contact numbers

SkinStation Glorietta 3 has 6 private rooms (including the doctor's consultation room).

best skin clinic philippines, top skin clinic philippines,

Hygienic restroom.

skinstation by godiva,

Now I have said that there were exciting activities that day, right? I joined! We have to accomplish the tasks at the 3 stations to get a prize!

First station - skin analyzer and assessment with consultation with derma, Dr. Catherine Logro. The machine is like a face laser / x-ray of sorts. It can check pores, wrinkles, roughness, UV acne, moisture, skin age, etc. Buti na lang, my results passed! I asked many questions about my skin care concerns. That is another good thing with SkinStation, doctor's consultation is always FREE for clients!

skinstation free derma consultation, dr catherine logro,

Second station - flat lay with a summer theme!

godiva skinstation,

Third station - Post a pic or selfie with the #SummerFunwithSSxCFF


SkinStation Glorietta 3 Grand Opening promos! Catch the best deals during this time!

SkinStation Glorietta 3 Grand Opening promos

Thank you SkinStation! From Godiva Skin Station days many years ago, I have known this brand and patronized their licorice line, til now, I can say their products are absolutely safe, proven effective and potent! No compromise, just delivering real results backed by studies. Behind this is their CEO, award-winning chemist, Mr. Fred Reyes!

Dermax Professional UV Milk Anti-Aging Sunscreen (price is Php 720)- at SPF PA 50+++, it provides maximum UVA/UVB daily sun protection with a milky touch formula!  And when you have those dark marks or PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), sunscreen is a MUST! But take note, not all 'sunblocks' are equal! Dermax is your best choice!

Dermax Professional Bamboo Water Micellar Toner (priced at Php 275)-  The derma actually recommended Blushing Beauty Whitening Micellar with Schnewhite but I preferred this (which was her second pick for me). I am not experiencing active pimples so she did not suggest ACNEX Micellar Toner. Micellar water is made up of micelles- invisible oil molecules suspended in water. Micelles cling to all the unwanted particles on your skin and dissolve them. Top 5 benefits include- makeup remover, rinse-free, convenient travel companion, time-saver and alternative to face wipes.

Blushing Beauty Chamomile Facial Mist- Check out my review HERE!

Dermax Professional Jeju Aloe Peeling Gel (regular price of Php 1800)- Gosh, finally! I've been wanting to try this peeling gel for the body! Provides exfoliation, whitening and moisturization for your  elbows, knees and heels! It has papaya extract, retinol, vitamin c, alpha-arbutin, licorice extract, schnewhite, AND organic aloe vera extract from Jeju Island in Korea. Hello, K-fans!

Blushing Beauty Whitening Soap (retails for Php 150)- In 2 variants, with Encapsulated Glutathione and Papaya Enzyme, and with Encapsulated Licorice and Schnewhite Extract. These are gentle whitening soaps for fairer and smoother skin!

Dermax Bamboo Water Micellar Toner, UV Milk Sunscreen Jeju Aloe Peeling Gel, Bliushing Beauty Facial Mist and Whitening Soap.
Dermax UV Milk Sunscreen, Bamboo Water Micellar Toner, Jeju Aloe Peeling Gel, Blushing Beauty Facial Mist and Whitening Soaps.

Book now and visit your nearest SkinStation branch for all your beauty needs that will surely satisfy you and make you look your best! For more info, call any of these numbers- 405-5790, 0917-5834569, 0998-5894569 or 0925-5258323. Visit their social media @ skinstationph. Thanks for reading! :)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bali Bliss Kojic Face and Body Whitening Soap Review

Hello po! I know many of you frens are fanatics of kojic soap! People the world over would tout it as being no less than a miracle, the soap having been able to improve their acne, scars and lighten dark skin. Well, here is a review of Bali Bliss Kojic Soap!

Bali Bliss Kojic Face and Body Whitening Soap Review

A bit of background on kojic...

Kojic acid is popular for whitening. It's a chelation agent produced by several species of fungi, especially Aspergillus oryzae (koji). It's a chemical derived from mushrooms, and can also be created by the sake brewing process from fermented rice. It's known to limit melanin production.

Bali Bliss soap is made in the Philippines

Price- Php 100 for 150g

Availability- in Bali Bliss Day and Nail Spa branches or contact them at www.facebook.com/Bali-Bliss-day-and-nail-spa-127565490629218/ Do check 'em out, they are a spa (love their massage and footspa, mani-pedi!) but have products like body scrub, lotion, fragrances, etc.

Ingredients: contains salicylic acid, glutathione, etc.

Bali Bliss Kojic soap, price, ingredients,
FDA registration as indicated

The carton is glued shut, and there is a plastic wrapping the soap. There is no engraved brand name. The bar is rectangular with rounded edges.

My experience:

I used Bali Bliss Kojic Soap when I bath- face and body. It has a lightly orange scent. It is a smooth soap, as there are other kojic soaps that feel gritty /  powdery.

On my first wash with this, it did not sting, unlike some harsh kojic soaps from other brands. It gave me an impression it is gentle for a kojic soap. Even the owner admits that she has been using this for years!

My skin felt madulas (slippery) after. I guess it really must have sloughed off the dead skin and libag, hahaha!

I did not experience obvious peeling with this, maybe micro, but it was not noticeable. I felt it helps keep my skin light and prevent blemishes. No allergic reactions, too.

It is very bubbly and it's easy to rinse off. But it melts quickly so be careful in keeping, perhaps use those soap dish with a tray underneath to catch the drippings.

I used it from opening 'til I finished the bar, so you know I always give a REAL, honest review. The bar lasted me for almost 2 weeks.

bali bliss kojic soap,
Beauty blogger reviews kojic soap <3

For improvement:
I hope that the particulars like manufacturing date and expiration date is indicated.

Overall, I find Bali Bliss Kojic Face and Body Whitening soap quite good! I would like to alternate this between my other soaps (coz I have so many other soaps on stock in my cabinet), and use kojic when I need extra whitening and smoothing. I would recommend this- it's a must try! :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Watch Make It Mutual Vlogs with Matteo and Learn How to Make Your #LifeGoals Come True!

Mutual. What comes to mind when I hear or read this word is usually of romantic nature. Mutual understanding (M.U.), mutual trust, mutual respect, hihihi! But I found out the more beneficial kind of mutual, which is mutual fund investment.

March 17, 2017 at B Hotel in Quezon City, Sun Life Asst Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI)

Last March 17, 2017 at B Hotel in Quezon City, Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) announced that they will be launching a series of financial literacy vlogs starring Matteo Guidicelli called Make It Mutual, to encourage Pinoys, especially Millennials, to invest in mutual funds so they can achieve their life goals.

sun life, make it mutual,

It tackles relevant topics to personal finance such as growing one's money, beating inflation and investing regularly. The modules shall be demonstrated in familiar themes like fashion, travel, fitness, etc. so it can be easy to understand. These vlogs are  readily accessible thru Sun Life social media.

slamci, make it mutual,

Likewise, they held an enlightening talk all about mutual  funds and Q&A portion with Matteo.

#sunifeph, #makeitmutual,

According to SLAMCI President Valerie Pama, Sun Life is committed to helping more Pinoys discover the benefits of investing so that they may reap its rewards.

"We all have goals that we'd like to accomplish, such as buying a house or a car, traveling to a dream destination, or planning a wedding. These are goals that require a significant amount of money, and sometimes, Filipinos become discouraged knowing how much they need to raise to be able to fund their dreams." She adds, " We'd like to show them that by saving and investing in mutual funds, all their dreams can become a reality. They simply have to 'Make It Mutual!'"

Sun Life addresses those of our age group, the millennials (those born between 1982 and 2004) that's why the vlogs are made fun but educational that way. Months earlier, Sun Life rallied the campaign "Slam The Scam", which also starred Matteo, and they shared tips on what to consider when choosing an investment company so as to avoid being victimized by dubious organizations.

"Make It Mutual" is just the first this year, there will be more to come, as Sun Life gears for
its Financial Independence Month this June. Of this initiative, Mylene Lopa, Chief Marketing Officer, Sun Life Financial Philippines, states, "We remain committed to this cause. Sun Life is always eager to promote it in ways that are creative, relatable, easily understandable. We will never tire of advocating financial literacy to Filipinos."

financial literacy, investment, sunlife,

"I'm thankful for the opportunity to lead another financial literacy campaign for SLAMCI. It's definitely relevant and timely. I myself have life goals I'd like to pursue, and I'm happy to share that ever since I 'made it mutual' with SLAMCI, I've been well on my way to achieving all those goals. It would be great if more Filipinos can experience the same," Matteo says. He has been with Sun Life for 3 years and he greatly believes the brand.

greald bautista, matteo guidicelli, mylene lopa,
L-R: Gerald Bautista, Head of Banks and Alternative Channels, Sun Life Asset Management Co., Inc., Matteo, and Ms. Lopa.

I am a homebody who loves watching movies at home, but me and the hubby also really love to travel. We have been successful in going to out of town trips at least twice a year. And I was also able to enjoy a delightful vacation abroad.

Traveling is nice for relaxing and unwinding, learning about different cultures, and creating a lot of priceless memories. But our travels usually entail a lot of expense- from the transpo, hotel accommodation, food and drinks (yes, ultimo mineral water you need to always buy), souvenirs, to special activities, etc.

mutual fund, sun life,

I am not a tipid or kuripot traveler. We like to try different food and experiences. Now to be able to sustain this kind of lifestyle, or goal in life, I learned that having a savings account in a bank simply isn't enough. Money grows bigger when put in an investment like a mutual fund with Sun Life!

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SLAMCI is the mutual fund arm of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. It gives a great sense of trustworthiness and peace of mind to know that SLAMCI is a leading asset management company in the country with PhP 57.8 B in Assets Under Management (AUM) as of April this year, and currently manages 11 mutual funds collectively called "Sun Life Prosperity Funds". Thanks for reading! :)