Saturday, April 8, 2017

My SkinStation UA Diode Laser Hair Removal Experience!

Hello po! This is in continuation of my Blushing Beauty / SkinStation Diode Underarm Hair Removal journey. First part can be read HERE.

3rd Diode February 9, 2017, SkinStation SM North

Wow you should make a sched in this branch beforehand. Punuan sila. Many people get their diode hair removal done here.

After 2nd and before 3rd treatment, same results as previous diode sessions. Short and fine regrowth.

skinstation diode machine

skinstation diode laser hair removal reviews
Ayoko na talagang mag shave!!! Hoping SkinStation's diode can give me the results I want! This is right after the 3rd session.

4th Diode April 7, 2017, SkinStation Lucky Chinatown

However, after 3rd and before 4th session, there are more hair strands that grew back and they're longer (double) than previous sessions, but anyway they are still finer than when I was shaving. Diode technician explained that this (more and longer regrowth than after 1st and 2 session) might be due to hormonal imbalance.

Good thing, she said my hair was much finer than other patients, considering that I am only about to undergo my 4th session. She also recommended that I get retinol for my pit's chicken skin (it looks nasty, I put the blame on my years of shaving).

What happened as I recall:

She assessed my armpits, cleansed, applied cream, shaved, put cold gel, diode proper (I'm hearing a continuous beeping sound from the machine), wiped, apply post laser cream, then gave advice. She was knowledgeable and friendly.

You would think by now, I would not feel a thing, but the first time she layed it, I felt a sharp sensation, sort of like a needle pricked. It's not really painful, maybe I am just extra sensitive. She adjusted the setting and applied more cold gel.

She said the "pitik" was the laser that goes inside the follicle which she shaved at the beginning. After that, the whole diode session was comfy and no pain. Para ngang nasa spa lang, what with the relaxing music pa.

Weeks after the 4th session:
Hair that regrew was so short, like a stubble, and they shed easily. There were a few longer but fine hair near the base of the pits (near the chest).  I can say my underarms seem lighter. The area affected by chicken skin (caused by years of shaving) is also now improving.

best diode hair removal philippines

In conclusion:

Based on my experience, Blushing Beauty or SkinStation diode is painless. For sensitive people like me, there can be a hot sensation after a while, but it is quite tolerable, and adding cold gel or adjusting setting usually addresses it and you don't feel a thing na.

From the first session, I can already see a big improvement- hair regrowth is finer, sparser. But in my case, I might need 8 sessions for permanent hair reduction. (They have many promos naman like 8 sessions for just Php 5,000- bigger savings with package deals!) Overall, I highly recommend SkinStation / Blushing Beauty / Dermax diode laser hair removal service. :)

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